Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele Review 2020: Best For Beginners

Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele

When it comes to great Ukulele brands, you cannot ignore the Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele. This product is so attractive every time you look at it. Moreover, this product also offers you fantastic sound quality. You even cannot find any fault with it. Therefore, this concert Ukulele is one of the best choices for both beginners and experts. Furthermore, the product is affordable. Keep reading our article to get more reviews of this brand name.

Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele is perfect for Beginners

This model is easy and comfortable to play. It ensures to give beginners all the essential things they want. Here are some unique features it has:

Specification & features

First, we will discuss the design and shape of the Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele. If you are new to a ukulele, you can find ukuleles with different shapes and sizes. Most models have the figure-eight shape or an acoustic guitar shape you can see in many ukulele brands.

This model has a figure-eight shape. This reason is why many people love it. Well, this shape is more comfortable to hold. Not like other brands of ukulele, it has a unique abalone rosette and an excellent satin finish for durability.

Besides, its design is portable and lightweight. Its design can protect the product from accelerated damage.

Other features

The sound, the material, the finish, strings, as well as others about this model, can make it more enjoyable. Here are a few things you have to know more about this Ukulele:

  • Tune page: This product is easy to tune. It does not require you to tune it all the time. It comes with the good-quality tuning pegs. They allow you to maintain the tune of your Ukulele for weeks or months. Moreover, this one is also durable. Of course, you will not face any problem tuning this ukulele.
  • Bridge: its bridge is made of quality rosewood material. Therefore, it ensures to provide you with quality sounds. Rosette wood material is durable.
  • The neck: this model is built with solid ivoroid binding. Thus, it is highly durable. Also, it is convenient to hold. The neck is also made of a mahogany material. This feature is also ideal for making the great sound.
  • Body: the body is made of solid mahogany material. It ensures to provide you with a warm tone. Plus, you can also easily carry it since it is lightweight. You can also receive a Cordoba ukulele case to protect it from damages.

Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele Review

Cordoba is famous for its excellent quality instruments. The 15CM is one of them. This product is a good option for both price and comfort. Many manufacturers concentrate on decreasing the cost for their beginner ukuleles by compromising on the quality. However, the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele will last you several years.


This ukulele has a mahogany body along with a mahogany neck. The manufacture focuses on details and craftsmanship. Moreover, the model is well polished with a matte finish. Therefore, it offers you a beautiful looking, elegant model.

Besides, it also comes with the abalone-style rosette and ivoroid body. It is hard to find these features in beginner/affordable ukuleles out there.


In term of hardware, this model offers on that aspect too. It comes with a durable and well-made rosewood bridge and fingerboard. You can easily use the tuners. Also, it is simple to keep the strings in tune. This Ukulele does not come with tuning issues.


It makes a good sound thanks to the high-quality mahogany body and great craftsmanship. It is sure to produce a very balanced and sweet overall tone. Besides, it ensures to give you a full sound. The Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele promises to provide you with authentic concert ukulele sound.

Pros and Cons of this Cordoba Ukulele


  • Offers a warm and soothing tone
  • Beautiful design
  • Convenient to hold
  • Mahogany Resonance
  • No tuning issues
  • Comes with the fretboard made of rosewood material
  • Comes with frets neatly installed and positioned
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Highly durable ukulele


  • Sharp frets
  • Only comes in the regular figure-eight shape
  • Composite nut and saddle
  • Tuning can be reset

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Good Ukulele

As a fan of music and ukulele, you have to follow some criteria. Ukulele is easier to handle than the guitar. First, you need to look for a cheap ukulele that is suitable for the startup.  After that, determine whether it is durable. To get great sound, you need to choose the professional type of ukulele. The Cordoba 15CM can provide you with the best perfection because it is the best type of entry-level Ukulele. Furthermore, you will take less time to learn this Ukulele.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele

Is a concert ukulele easier to play than a soprano?

Many people find it easier to play concert and tenor ukuleles than soprano ukuleles. This is involved in the scale length. It is a distance from the nut to the saddle. Also, you can consider it as part of the strings that vibrate when you play.

What is the most common ukulele size?

The most common Ukulele size is 20 inches. This size can make the real typical classic ukulele sound. For the concert, the size can be at 23 inches.

Should I get a concert or tenor ukulele?

Concert ukuleles come with 15-20 frets. Also, they have a larger body. It means you will get a larger range of notes as well as fuller sound in comparison to the soprano. Concert and soprano ukuleles are smaller than Tenor ukuleles. Therefore, Tenor ukuleles tend to bring a louder sound.


There is a good reason why this product is one of Cordoba’s best-selling ukuleles on the market now. It is one of the best concert ukuleles. As said, it has all the essential features to make it great. It is an excellent option for beginners. Moreover, it is a nice addition to an intermediate player as well.

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