How Much Does a Banjo Cost? Things To Know Before Purchase

How Much Does a Banjo Cost

When looking for a banjo, you may be probably wondering how much a banjo costs. Just like other musical instruments, the quality of a banjo is decided by its price. Once you begin looking for a banjo, it is not essential to spend your entire life savings to get a good quality model. However, it is necessary to take your time to consider the price range of banjo that will be suitable for you most. Today, we will let you know the average price of a banjo.

Before you even Begin Looking for a Banjo

Before you start putting your feet into a music store, you have to determine what type of banjo you will want to get. Well, you will have to consider the style of music you want to learn. This factor is one of the most important things to pay attention to when looking for a banjo.

Music Type

Here are four main banjo music styles:

  • Bluegrass Banjo: the price range is from $400 to $1000 or above.
  • Folk Music Banjo: just like the Bluegrass banjo, it costs from $400 to $1000 or above.
  • Country Music Banjo: the price range is from $200 to $1000 or above.
  • Clawhammer Banjo: the price range is from $300 to $1000 or above.

If you plan to learn how to play bluegrass music, you will want to go for a five-string model with a resonator. This feature is to help amplify the sound.

Resonator vs. Open Back

  • Resonator Banjo: the price range is from $300 to $1000 or above
  • Open Back Banjo: The price range is from $150 to $1000 or above

It is a good idea to look for a four-string banjo with an open back if you are going to learn to play Dixieland music. You should spend your time considering this before making your purchase of the first banjo.

The Price Range of Banjos

Just by spending a few seconds doing a quick search of the internet, you will see the range of banjo from around a hundred dollars to others thousands of dollars. Moreover, you can also find ones for even less than a hundred dollars when doing a further search on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji.

Therefore, it is essential to determine how you decide the cost to spend. This task will become easy if you know a little bit about the instrument itself.

How to Know What to Spend on a Banjo

It may be a hard task to decide how much to spend on your first banjo. As long as you know the kind of banjo you need to learn the type of music you like, this task will become simple.

The Beginner Banjoist

As a beginner, it is essential to start with a beginner kit. It often comes with the essential things you will need to start playing the banjo. They include picks, a strap, an instructional booklet, a bag or case, a tuner, and a banjo.

Although these models may still be expensive, they often provide you with a good value due to all the extras you are getting from them. The fact is that you can buy an affordable, good quality kit with the kit of around $300 or so.

The Intermediate Banjoist

If you have played this instrument for a few years, you will not need the picks, the tuner, or the booklet that you can find in the beginner kits. Of course, you are ready to invest in ones with higher quality.

It is essential to look for a trusted brand, such as Huber, Fender, and Goodtime. They offer a long time lasting model. Also, they offer a very playable model without a lot of care and maintenance.

There are some parts you need to inspect carefully when looking for a new banjo. They include the neck, the tuning pegs, as well as the bridge.

You can buy a mid-level banjo within a price range of around $400-$1000. The price depends on the quality of the product, the brand name, and the country it was made in.

The Seasoned Professional Banjoist

If you have had many years of experience playing this instrument, you may want to go for a premium model of the highest quality. You may want to get a custom one for your specific needs.

You may also want to change course entirely out of your instrument by buying an electric model. To get a premium model, you may have to spend several thousand dollars.

Well, the cost of a banjo depends on you. However, it is best to invest in a model that your budget allows you to invest in.


Whether or not you’ve seen an app that teaches banjo, a banjo teach, or one good instruction video on Youtube, a banjo is the first thing you need. It is vital to purchase a banjo relative to your playing skills if you want to get better. As a beginner, you will not like to spend an arm and a leg. A much more high-quality banjo is suitable for an intermediate or professional.

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