How To Find A Quality Hurdy Gurdy Instrument For Sale?

Hurdy Gurdy for sale

The Hurdy Gurdy is one of the oldest instruments in the world; this Instrument has over 1000 years old. People know it by many names, in France; people know it as Le vielle à roue, and in Spanish as Zanfona.

Currently, you can find the Hurdy Gurdy for sale on various websites.

It has a design that is very like a violin, but when you play it, a mechanical piece called a crank must be rotated. It includes a small keyboard that plays the tune, and the player power it.

What Is A Hurdy Gurdy?

The Hurdy Gurdy is a stringed instrument that using a twisted crank wheel. This wheel produces sound by rubbing against the strings. It has a violin-like sound, and you can play melodies through a keyboard. Manufacturers made the keyboard with small wood wedges.

It has strings to change its tone, very like other acoustic string instruments on the market. For you ti heard the strings, it has a hollow cavity and a sound plate.

Origin Of The Hurdy Gurdy

People believe that it have originated before the 11th century AD by violins in Europe or the Middle East. One of the forms that came out at first was the organistrum. This is a large instrument that had a guitar-like body. Also, it had a long neck where the keys went.

The organistrum had a melody string and two drones which passed over a bridge. Over the years, this Instrument became smaller so that only one person could play it. The Hurdy Gurdy was very popular in the Renaissance.

People use this Instrument again in the year 1968. This happened when Donovan released his pop song called “Hurdy Gurdy Man.”

Although the song did not have a sound from this Instrument, the name aroused the curiosity of the public. This led to an annual festival that takes place in September in ​​Washington state.

As the Instrument has revived, some musicians have used it in some styles of music.

In France, people call it “Le vielle à roue,” which means “wheel violin,” in Italy; people know it as the Ghironda while the Hurdy Gurdy is the name in English.

Hurdy Gurdy Design

  • Shape

It has 23 very different forms, and so far, there is no standard design. The French version La vielle à roue has six strings and is the best known and most common shape on the market.

There are two different types of bodies for this Instrument; there is the guitar body and the lute back. In France, you can find both forms, but in other places, the most common is the guitar body.

  • The Ropes

Manufacturers made the strings of gut, which is still a preferred material today. Modern models are on the violin and cello strings. Metal ropes became common in the 20th century, especially for heavy drone ropes.

There are times when it is used in nylon, but it is not very pleasant for some musicians. Some instruments also have B guitar or banjo strings.

The melody strings attached to the keys cause the string vibration to change. In the first Hurdy Gurdy, manufacturers arrange the keys so that they could provide a Pythagorean tuning. In the later, the tunings vary considerably.

The vast majority of contemporary Hurdy Gurdy has 24 keys spanning a range of 2 chromatic octaves.

  • Buzz Bridge

There are certain types of Hurdy Gurdy, especially the French La vielle à roue, where manufacturers have put a buzz jumper. Manufacturers have now increased the number of these buzzing bridges on French instruments.

Electric Hurdy Gurdy

In neo-medieval popular music, people widely used this Instrument without strings. With the electronic Hurdy, people generate the signals for the strings electronically and also by the wheel rotation.

The movement of the wheel crank generates the signals from the ropes and traps. Depending on the Instrument has the signal using a processor that is integrated and by a sound card.

Where To Buy A Hurdy Gurdy?

People used this Hurdy Gurdy instrument since medieval times. For many centuries, players were able to entertain people. People use it both to entertain royalty and by peasants.

Currently, the Hurdy Gurdy has a small number of fans. Although their followers are few, they are passionate people in different movements of folk music and early music.

They are niche instruments; you cannot go to a local Guitar Center and want to find a Hurdy Gurdy instrument for sale. If you want to be a beginner Hurdy Gurdy, you can find different options.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying a Hurdy Gurdy for sale totally new in the market, there are options so you can find a used Gurdy instrument for sale.

You also have the option of requesting a completely new instrument by contacting the manufacturer directly. You can also request it individually. Either way, you can have it quickly.

If you are a Hurdy Gurdy beginner and want to learn, you can use the Hurdy-Gurdy Method by Michael Muskett and Doreen. It is an expensive method, but it will be a good place for you to learn. It will be an excellent option for all players who do not have a teacher nearby. It will help them to have an excellent technique.

Buy a Hurdy Gurdy

Finding Hurdy Gurdy totally new is not an easy task; it requires persistence. The most popular manufacturers usually have backorders. If you are looking for one of these manufacturers, wait a little while to receive your Hurdy Gurdy.

Also, you should know that the instruments of the best manufacturers are not cheap. If you want a typical basic Gurdy, you can pay up to $ 1,000. Sometimes you can find cheap Hurdy Gurdy, but you must be very careful with those publications.

You won’t find many websites that offer you easy ordering with just one click. Most likely, you will have to call or email to place an order.

Avoid The Cheap Hurdy Gurdy Anonymous

For many, spending $ 1000 on an instrument seems like a lot of money. But that’s usually the Hurdy Gurdy price. As before discussed, they are rare instruments that need a lot of time and experience to build.

If you find a Hurdy Gurdy listing rushed for sale, you should very carefully check the information and make sure it is well built. You must know well what you are buying so as not to be scammed with a very expensive instrument that is not the correct one.

Avoid The Cheap Hurdy Gurdy Anonymous

In Eastern Europe and Asia, many workshops make this Instrument at a low price. You can find it on eBay and other websites, generally, their price ranges from $ 800 to $ 1200.

When you see the images, they look well done, and the price seems right. If you detail the images well, you might see some details. The first thing that strikes you is that they sell them, and a manufacturer’s name does not appear. If you don’t have a manufacturer name, you won’t be able to search for reviews from other players.

Another detail you will notice is that sometimes they have a large inventory, building this type of Instrument takes time. The best manufacturers are hard to find; they always have a waiting list that can be months or even years.

If a manufacturer has many instruments that they have not sold, it means that they are not very popular. After reviewing, you will notice that the list is not well written or has errors.

You will see in the indications that it is made of one type of wood, and then below, they mention another different wood. You should always be aware of your Hurdy Gurdy for sale so that you get one that is fast and functional.

You should know that the mechanical model that you can buy from Amazon is not a true Hurdy Gurdy. Although it works mechanically well, it is a wood 3D model. If you try to play it, it will not have anything like the original Instrument.

This model is perfect as a gift, toy, but never to be a Hurdy Gurdy music instrument.

Hurdy Gurdy Manufacture

Hurdy Gurdy for sale has a slow build. It has a delicate technical process in its construction compared to the other instruments on the market.

Today there are few rushed Gurdy makers, but it is easier to communicate with one manufacturer. You will have the opportunity to decide the model and make your orders, you can request them from anywhere in the world.

The most popular manufacturers have websites where you can easily access it. It will have the information you need about the instruments and how you can buy a Hurdy Gurdy.

Building this Instrument takes a long time, and the popular manufacturers have many orders, so there is a waiting list. If you are impatient, you will not like this idea, but it is a good option to have the right Instrument.

Olympic Hurdy Gurdies

The Manufactures are in Washington, United States, and have performed this Instrument for more than 30 years. It is one of the popular gamer sites in America. Olympic offers a repair and restoration service.

Although you should know that they only repair instruments made by them or by dead or retired Luthiers, they will not repair Hurdy Gurdy from manufacturers that are still active.


The Manufactures are in Oregon, United States. They are usually polarizing instruments, where players have specific opinions. Its prices are affordable; the Gurdy community is a good option.

Balázs Nagy

Located in Budapest, Hungary, they specialize in making rushed Gurdy instruments. They even perform French and Hungarian styles.

Sabina Kormlyo and Chris Allen

You can find it at Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. They specialize in building historical instruments. Allen and Kormlyo make replicas of rushed Gurdy and medieval symphonies with beautiful style and authentic sound.

Stanislaw Nogaj

This factory is in Brzozow, Poland. It is a productive manufacturer that builds a wide variety of models. Also, it has designed a pickup and preamp method that you can install on your instruments.

Where Can You Find Used Hurdy Gurdy For Sale?

Many things can go wrong when acquiring a rushed Gurdy. They may have certain complications in their inner function that are difficult to see from the outside. When buying a Hurdy Gurdy for sale used online, you should ask many questions before purchasing it.

When you buy a Hurdy Gurdy for sale must always ensure that the seller is sincere. Who knows the Instrument completely and how it works. If you can, ask him for a recording, so he knows how it sounds and more photos.

Avoid buying Hurdy Gurdy that needs parts or needs some repair. Remember not to find the parts anywhere.

If you have the necessary tools and are a carpenter, you can take risks because you will have an advantage. You should also be careful not to waste your money and end up with an expensive, non-playable instrument.

Better try to find Hurdy Gurdy that works properly and not repair a Gurdy, so you’re sure of his abilities.

Hurdy Gurdy Market On Facebook

On Facebook, you will find the most active online marketplace for used Hurdy Gurdies. You will be able to find different sales publications from all over the world. You will also find a community that can offer you recommendations and advice.

With these tips, you can find a Hurdy Gurdy for sale.

Lazar’s Early Music

This is a very well-known and popular store for the Baroque and Renaissance. It doesn’t have any new Hurdy Gurdy for sale, but it has instrument listings. It’s worth checking out this website. It is a website that is not updated frequently but is still interesting.


People use this website to buy anything you want; it is common to use Gurdies for sale. Experts recommended being very careful if you want to buy a Hurdy Gurdy on eBay. Remember that there are things that can go wrong.

This Instrument is complicated, and it must be 100% that you are buying a Gurdy that works correctly. You must verify it before sending your money; you can request videos, recordings, photos to be sure of your purchase.

You should also verify that the seller has the return option and that you can get a refund.

Do You Want To Find Hurdy Gurdy Kits For Sale?

For people who want to familiarize themselves with the inner workings of this Instrument, they have a third option. You can build your Gurdy with one using a Hurdy Gurdy kit. You can find them at half the price of a complete and assembled Gurdy.

With this option, you will build it yourself, and you can have a model that works better than you can find cheap on the market. In this case, you must take care of the details and follow the instructions to the letter.

These kits do not have a lot of spare parts, so you must be very careful because damage to the part will not be a problem. If you must drill, paste, or alter any part, you must have the necessary knowledge to make it look good.

Hurdy Gurdy Kit

  • Nerdy Gurdy. Located in the Netherlands, the manufacturer is Jaap Brand and his wife, Fay. Here they used laser cutting and 3D printing and designed an affordable Hurdy Gurdy kit. You have the opportunity to choose between 6 or 4 strings, and also they offer you stacked Gurdies for sale already assembled.
  • Renaissance Workshop Company. It is located in Madrid, Spain, and is a recognized manufacturer of early music instruments. They manufacture replicas of the Hurdy Gurdy from the 16th century, on this site you can buy both the already assembled Instrument and the kit.

You should be aware that they have a strange universal currency system on their website to set prices. Experts recommended that you use a conversion rate so that you know exactly when you are paying for the kit or Instrument.

How To Build Your Own Hurdy Gurdy?

As already mentioned, this is an instrument from the Renaissance period; it was used by players and dance companions. It has a lute shaped, and people play it like a guitar; it also has a keyboard and a rotating wheel.

If you don’t want to buy a Hurdy Gurdy for sale, you can build it. Nowadays you will be able to build your own Hurdy Gurdy with a kit, just follow the instructions below:

  • The first thing you should do is research the sizes and types of Hurdy Gurdy that exist.

Having this information, you will know what type of Gurdy you want. In the market, you can find different books that can help you with the installation and maintenance. This is an advantage for beginners who want to build their Instrument.

  • You must decide whether you want to build a Hurdy Gurdy from kit or plans.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to work wood, experts recommended that you build your Gurdy from a kit.

  • Buy your Hurdy Gurdy kit

You have the option to buy it from an online store or go to a local store. There are two options if you find it in Madrid or the Netherlands. As mentioned above, you can find the best kits in recognized music store locations.

It will take many hours to build and more if you do not have the necessary experience.

  • Gather the Right Tools

You must have the necessary tools to be able to build your own Hurdy Gurdy. Know that for any of the cases, be it with a kit or a plan, you need basic tools. You should have on hand: a pencil, a jigsaw, tweezers, epoxy glue, C-clamps.

You must follow the instructions on the kit or diagrams if you are building on plans. By following the steps in detail, you will be able to get your Hurdy Gurdy working properly without spending a lot of money.

Tips: Building a Gurdy instrument is not difficult; just follow the instructions and take care of the parts. Please check all parts well before assembling to avoid mistakes. Find the best kit so you can get good results.

How Does A Hurdy Gurdy Work?

The Hurdy Gurdy is an instrument that works by a handle that rotates a spinning wooden wheel. This wheel should be rubbed against the strings; they generally have 1 or 2 (depends on the model) that create the sound. You can play this Instrument sitting, and you can support the Hurdy Gurdy on the lap.

You can change the tone by the player through a very simple mechanism that is key to pressing the strings at some points on the axis.

The Hurdy Gurdy principles are with the violin, with the mechanism taking the position of the fingers and the wheel changes the bow.

What Does The Sound Of The Hurdy Gurdy Look Like?

Due to its design, the Hurdy Gurdy tries to make continuous sounds; it makes a buzzing sound. You can change the tone by pressing the key mechanism. If you want to hear a Hurdy Gurdy, you must go to one of the Hurdy Gurdy festivals.

The most popular ones are:

  • The water festival in Washington in the United States
  • The Hurdy Gurdy Festival in Derbyshire
  • The United Kingdom and the St Chartier Festival in France.

I hope with this information, you will find your Hurdy Gurdy for sale.

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