Jameson 5 String Banjo Review & Buying Guide of 2020

Jameson Guitars 5 String Banjo

If you are a fan of playing musical instruments like banjos, you should consider getting the Jameson guitars 5 string banjo. This model is suitable for both a beginner and a professional. The banjo is related to traditional and country music. However, you can also use it in rock songs. In this post, we will let you know why this brand has become a more and more popular choice on the market. Now, we will talk about the Jameson 5 String Banjo Review.

Key Features of Jameson Banjo

Geared 5th Tuner

This model comes with the better geared 5th tuner in comparison to the friction turner. This feature is commonly found on expensive banjos. Therefore, this is the most reliable features for this unit.

It is not easy to see too many banjos offering many features. While the product is not suitable for everyone, it can satisfy a lot of users. Therefore, the model has been one of the most popular ones right now.

Decent Performance

It will be good enough at the end of the day. To enhance performance, you should keep in mind the features below:

  • 24 brackets
  • Adjustable hinged tailpiece
  • Maple bridge

Chrome-plated Armrest

Another feature of this model is the chrome-plated armrest. With it, you can play your banjo with ease.


This model is built with quite decent material. It comes with the mahogany resonator and neck. Moreover, it comes with a seven-ply maple and mahogany shell. This reason is why the unit is a premium choice for those who like to play the banjo.

A resonator is a metal plate attached to its back. This model provides your banjo with more volume. Moreover, it offers a brighter sound, as well. The fact is that Bluegrass musicians like to get one with a resonator.

Good Finish and Durability

Besides the performance, you also should pay attention to ones that look good since it will be more appealing to the users. This banjo comes with the high-gloss finish. Therefore, the unit looks stunning.

Moreover, this model also has good durability since it is made of quality materials. It can last for a long time.

Other Stuff

This model weighs 9.9 pounds. Therefore, it is the right one for those who want to judge its weight. This weight allows you to play the instrument for an extended time. Moreover, it will not lead to any strain on your shoulders.

It also provides you with a bag for your instrument. Therefore, you can keep it safe and sound. Plus, you can transport it with ease when you own a bag.


  • Simple to carry
  • Decent performance
  • An elegant and classy look
  • Good durability
  • Allows you to play for a long time


  • Sometimes, the strings may be not durable enough

How to Choose the Best Banjo

You need to take your time to identify the right specifications of a banjo for you. Here are some vital features you should look for when choosing the best Banjos:

  • Tuning: For beginners, it is best to look for Geared tuners. They can give easy tuning. Also, they can protect the Banjo from falling out of tune.
  • Multiple Coordinator Rods: this feature can facilitate a good-quality tone.
  • Truss Rod: This feature is to stabilize the forward curvature of the neck.
  • Wood: if you need a sharp sound, go for maple. Mahogany will offer a warmer tone. A sound somewhere in the middle is from walnut.
  • Brass Tone Ring: you should go for a pleasant tone ring since it will make a modest amount of difference to beginners.
  • Adjustable features: these features can help you adjust the sound to a certain degree.
  • Multi-layer Rim: This feature can make a difference in sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jameson 5 String Banjo Review

Can you take the resonator off?

This model comes with a detachable resonator. You have to remove four thumbscrews to do it. Also, you need to remove the chrome hand rest before you loosen the thumbscrew under the model.

Does it have a spot to attach a strap?

You can attach a strap in many places. You should not look for a strap with any metal snaps. Moreover, these metal snaps may scratch the finish on the banjo.

Is this good for playing Megadeth?

Of course. This model is the same one Dave used on tour.


So that’s all we need to mention about the Jameson 5 string banjo review. For both a beginner and a professional, you can consider this banjo. Remember that there are other models out there. Some of them can give you more features compared to this one. However, you will have to pay extra cash for them. More importantly, the Jameson 5 string banjo gives you a lot compared to its price.


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