Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele Review & Buying Guide 2020

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

Nowadays, you can see the Oscar Schmidt OU5 in most of our top lists. This model is the perfect one for beginners. This one is one of the best instruments in its price range. It promises to let you enjoy the sweet, rich tones thanks to its Koa wood. Today, I will give you a detailed review of the Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele. Keep reading the article to discover it.


This model comes with a beautiful Hawaiian Koa top, back, and sides. Moreover, it offers a 16-fret rosewood fretboard. You will also get Grover chrome tuners. Well, it is a genuinely striking instrument because of abalone binding and rosette finish.

It offers you a high-quality sound. It is sure to give you a great tone. Moreover, it also gives you sustain as well as a better projection.

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele Review


This model is a concert ukulele. This one is a reasonable consideration for those who are going for something like concert or baritone ukuleles.

It comes with Hawaiian Koa top, back, and sides. Moreover, it promises to give the sweetest and mellowest tones. Plus, it comes with the nato neck of 15 inches. Also, there is the rosewood fingerboard. Therefore, you can easily play it.

This one is not the most expensive product on the market. However, it can still give you great craftsmanship as well as a combination of tonewood.


The Oscar Schmidt OU5 gives you quality Grover tuners, a rosewood bridge, as well as ABS nut and saddle. You will not face any issue with tuning. Although you may need to tune a little bit more often than usual for the first time, it should not be an issue.

The fact is that so many cheaper models need a lot more tuning. The nut and saddle are made of the ABS synthetic material. Though this model may not be the best quality model, it ensures to provide you with the sweet sound of the ukulele.

Although this one is comfortable for beginners, some people may complain about its heavier headstock than usual.


There is not a big difference between ukuleles in $50 and over $100 price ranges. Although it seems to be the most efficient way to find your new instrument online, you will not see a big difference if you do not play it yourself.

Once you choose the Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele, you will know where the extra cost is from. This model comes with a mellow and sweet tone. It also has the concert size for a bigger sound.


  • Concert sized: Its concert size is the right one between the soprano and tenor instruments. This design ensures to give you a bit deeper tone. Also, it offers more volume compared to a soprano. Moreover, it can still provide you with the sweetness of the traditional ukulele sound.
  • Hawaiian Koa top, back & sides: Hawaiian Koa woods offer a vibrant tone. They are also the same in quality as mahogany.
  • Nayatoh neck: Nyatoh hardwood is the same as Teak with a cherry-ish finish.
  • 16 Frets: they offer you a little wider range in sound compared to one with only 12-14 frets. Most concert ukuleles come with 14-17 frets.
  • ABS Nut and Saddle: ABS plastic is sturdy and durable. Therefore, you will not worry about it cracking or falling apart with age. Moreover, ABS is free of BPA.
  • Natural Gloss Finish: this feature is to prevent the wood from moisture when you play. Besides, it can also bring out the grain of the wood.

Pros & Cons of Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele


  • Great for beginners and those used to playing guitar
  • Includes a ukulele-shaped box for home storage
  • Prominent sound in the lower sound range
  • Operates like a solid wood instrument
  • Easy to play
  • Easy to tune
  • Comes with a beautiful, soft, mellow tone


  • The tone with less sustain or projection than some higher-end models
  • May require to adjust the bridge for the optimum playing quality
  • Action may be a little higher than what you want

Frequently Asked Questions about Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

Are Oscar Schmidt Guitars good?

Oscar Schmidt is one of the best guitar brands because of its high quality as well as its well-built instruments. This brand is the right choice for both beginners and professionals. Well, it is easy to use Oscar guitars. Also, they give excellent sound production.

What are the other best brands for ukulele?

Here are the best brands to look at:

  • Kala
  • Lohanu
  • Donner
  • Pomaikai
  • Hricane
  • Lanikai
  • Fender
  • Mahalo


Although there is a wide range of affordable ukuleles you may not be sure how long they can last, you can know exactly that the Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele after two years, five years, or more. Moreover, it ensures to give you more nuanced in sound as well as richer toner.


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